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Server Racks/Cabinets > Server Racks/Cabinets Rack Conversion Kits > 2 Piece Rack Conversion Kit

2 Piece Rack Conversion Kit

2 Piece Rack Conversion Kit

Factory Price
$ 63.99
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$ 86.99
In Stock

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This outstanding product can not only be used with the 4 piece Rack Conversion Kit to make your 4 post conversion even stronger, but it can also be used to mount any Telco rack to the wall for added support. This design will work with virtually any Telco rack on the market. Cage nut or 10-32/M6/12-24 pre-tap styles are no problem. Simply screw the conversion arms into the back of the front Telco rack and the front of the back Telco rack and you have a fully functional adjustable 4 post rack. Adjustable range is from 20"-35" (+ the width of your telco rack)

    Range:20"-35" (+ the width of your Telco rack)
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