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Noise Reduction Enclosure > Noise Reduction Enclosure IBM Server Rack > 6U IBM Server Rack IBM Server Rack > 6U IBM Server Noise Reduction Enclosure -Black

6U IBM Server Noise Reduction Enclosure -Black

6U IBM Server Noise Reduction Enclosure -Black

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$ 956.99
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The 6U IBM Server Rack is based on a 19 inch wide 4 post rack inside of a cabinet enclosure. With the features of a regular rack plus much more, 6U IBM Server Rack provides some unique solutions for your needs. Built around the industry standards for rack equipment, 6U IBM Server Rack works with almost all brands. XRackPro2 is an equipment rack enclosure cabinet for rackmount systems but with additional features for noise reduction, air filtration, security and mobility. Rackmount electronic equipment such as computer servers and RAID storage, network switches and routers, audio video gear and more become whisper quiet in this rolling rack system.

6U IBM Server Rack is a rackmount enclosure cabinet specifically designed for noise reduction and security. Solidly built and providing 6U of industry standard 19" (48.2 cm) wide rackmount space, the second generation XRackPro2 is an ideal server rack and computer cabinet for Apple (Xserve server and Xserve RAID), Windows (Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, etc.), Linux, SGI, Sun and other PC computer rackmount servers. Noise from rackmount equipment mounted inside the XRackPro2 will be reduced from the sound dampening design while keeping everything cool at the same time.
    • 6U enclosure cabinet server rack.
    • Acoustically engineered to reduce noise.
    • 19" (48.2 cm) Standard EIA/NEMA rails.
    • 32" (81.2 cm) Maximum Equipment Depth.
    • Ultra quiet, high airflow fans (2).
    • Heavy-Duty adjustable height legs (4).
    • 6U IBM Server Rack has fully adjustable mounting rails with U position labels.
    • 1 bottom cable access knockout - 2 inch (5 cm) diameter.
    • Cage Nuts and Screws for easy rack mounting (16 - 16 mm x 10/32).
    • Key-Lock Security on doors.
    • Cable grommet acoustically seals.
    • 6U IBM Server Rack ships fully assembled and ready to use.
    • Baked-Enamel Black finish.
    • Beautifully simple, seamless front door with clear glass.
    • 6U IBM Server Rack is designed, engineered and built in the USA.
    • All of the features of full-size racks, and more.
    • Ideal for Audio/Video creative environments.

    * Exterior Dimensions:
    - Tall: 17.30 Inches (43.9 cm) with leveler legs, 17.75 Inches (45.1 cm) with optional casters
    - Deep: 37.70 Inches (95.8 cm)
    - Wide: 25.64 Inches (65.1 cm)
    * Interior Dimensions:
    - Tall: 6U (10.5 Inches, 26.7 cm)
    - Deep: 32 Inches (81.3 cm)
    - Wide: 19 Inches (Industry Standard Square Hole Rack, 48.3 cm)
    * Weight:
    - Shipping Weight: 101 pounds (49.8 kg)..
    - Product Weight: 95 pounds (44.9 kg).
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